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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Feminism in Labour Economics

as salam/ selamat sejahtera

hi readers! sorry for not updating this blog for a long period. i just became so busy with my lecture, plus there's a lot of things to do.

actually, today i want to talk about feminism versus humanism. maybe, a lot of you have heard about these term. what is actually feminism is about? just about yesterday, my lecturer have talk a bit about feminism. of course these current issue have relation with my course which is Labour Economics. so, what is the feminism is about? actually i just read about the feminism. feminism is actually about female claims to be as same level as a male. most of them feels that they have been discriminated by male especially in labor market etc.

actually, why did people are keep talk about equal right between gender, but, in reality, women have control the labour market? at the same time, in US, the statistics of female which actively involve in labour market are high if we compared to male labour market. many of women are going to work, otherwise, the population of male participation are dropping. these may be because of economic climate are not in well condition, many of worker have been retrenched or being discouraged workers because of demotivated while he have been rejected while he are actively seeking for jobs.

while retrenchment, most of people are feeling languish because of the financial problems. if there is only father as head of family who financing all the household, the retrenchment problem will decrease their ability to purchase goods for their own need. and these problem will bring out wife and child to enter the labour market. for once again, women who are not working, now have to go to work and again dominated the labour market.

but, in case of malaysian situation, in 2003, the female labour force participation rate (FLFPR) just calculated is about 48%. but where is the rest of 52% of them? my lecturer had mention to me about the patern of the FLFPR in malaysia is about the same level, even the population of female are increasing, as 1980s until today. as my lecturer said, the rest of the FLFPR is actually most of them decided to be full time housewife and so on.

as male labour force participation rate, there are about 82 to 83 percent, as the pattern is constant from 1980s until today.

these labour force participation rate doesn't show the reality of the labour force in Malaysia, or have discriminate gender among female. the truth is, there are a lot of opportunities to enter the labour market. one of my colleague says that maybe the discrimination in female labour sector is about of laking of education. my lecturer aren't agree with the statement. he just bring us to think and looking around the classroom and looking at statistics in higher education statistics. about 75 percent of the institutions are dominated by female students. it is not about the education. it is about the preferences.

my lecturer who are specialist in the labour economics says that most of women in malaysia are not preferred to work longer than standard work hour. so, they are called overemployed. actually, i know why women aren't preferred to work more than 8 hours per day, because they have a lot of unpay- work activities, as part of their social responsible to their family. that's why rest of 52% of the FLFPR, gone. so, they choose to not enter the labour market, and do another job which allowed them to save their energy and time. so, they will have a lot of leisure time. these kind of decision actually good, as it will give opportunities to child to have attentions from parent.

about the feminism, my lecturer just said, why don't people open their mind and treat people equally and open the opportunities to everyone who are willing to be employed and do the job. is it right? YES, it is right. in that part, my lecturer just stress about he believe of humanism, where people should be treated like human, and have equal right. there's no need to enforce new policy for protect the gender and so on.

for myself, i just belief that every people should know, in the real world, everyone are equally. but the different is our abilities, responsibility and reasons why we have been created these way. there's no term of discrimination unless there are peoples who discriminate others.

thank you for reading :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


as salam/ selamat sejahtera

hi readers, sorry lama xupdate. hmm, based on tajuk, hari ni lidah aku tiba2 kelu. bukan apa, tadi masa kelas, lecturer suruh cite pasal pengalaman bekerja. so, bila tiba giliran aku, mula2nya aku nak cakap BM. tapi bila mula je ckp, aku jadi kelu, clueless. apa aku nk cakap pun aku jadi menggigil. hahaha... apa deh

then, aku cakap, sorry sir. diam kejap. 10 saat. lepas tu, aku decide nk cakap BI, laju lak aku cakap. damn.

then, lecturer mula komen. dia ckp kita semua dari latar belakang yang berbeza. dia igt aku malu dgn background aku. tp xtau la kenapa aku jadi cmtu tadi. mungkin sebab aku hilang fokus sbb xmakan kot. rasa nk pengsan pun de tadi masa bercakap. xpasal2 org fikir aku ni malu dgn background aku. adoi. igt nk cite superb2. last2 jadi cm simpati lak kat aku.

so, pada aku, aku xpernah nak malu dengan latar belakang aku, aku xkisah pun kalo aku ni sederhana je. xmacam kwn2 aku yg lain yg kaya, yg pandai2. so, dari sini aku belajar yang kita perlu keep on moving. sir pun puji dengan cita2 aku & matlamat jangka panjang aku tu. hopefully semua berjalan lancar.

p/s: tiba2 sayu pulak. clueless.