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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hold Money, Gold or Silver? English version: Simpan Duit atau Simpan Emas & Perak?

hi reader,
Today I will discuss about savings. in the real world, financial strength will make you a highly influential. without money, you are nothing. by having money, everything is possible.  from indirect cost such as food, clothing, shelter, transportation up to the indirect cost such as education, the fees and so on, if you have money, everything is possible.

i remembers to what my parents and teachers teach me about saving money. the more you save, your future seems to be bright. however, noticed or not, the money you save or hold present / past does not equal value at future.

for example, try to compare the prices of commodities like a burger. if before I can enjoy burgers at a price of RM1.60 a piece, now able to reach RM2.50 a piece of burger! yes! Your purchasing power is diminishing. in economy it's called inflation, this is out of control.
try to ask yourself, is worth the money you hold now? the answer is not!

what you need to do?
My answer is easy. hold gold & silver. yes! by holdings gold or silver, the value of your hold are  more secure. But, wait! you should know these things before acting.

the gold price can be up and down. my advice, if you are intending to hold or store gold, buy gold when prices are lower or falling. but if you want to change it back to the paper money or sells gold, sell it when prices are rising or peak.

how you want to get information?
My answer is easy. google it!. or you can find the information through a magazine or newspaper investments. study the price flow and analyze the chart and graph. chart will allow you to see the past and present flow. from here you will able to predict the future. by studying chart and graph, it will reduce your risk from loosing. this method of studies are strongly recommended because chart are based upon facts , not by opinion.

why you should keep the gold?
gold is most needed now. so in  the future. interesting to know that the value of gold will rise and rise. I believe gold prices could reach 10 times for 10 years. does it worth?

how can I keep the gold? is it safe?
you can store your gold in the bank. and now, there are banks that can keep  your gold as your savings like Kuwait Finance House etc,. but, if you have your safe, you can keep it by your own.

what about silver?
I strongly recommend you to buy silver.silver are more cheaper than gold, and the silver market is more stable. everyone can afford to buy and hold silver because they are less expensive. I'm sure you can hold it in large quantities. believe it or not, silver is one of the most widely used metals in industry. so, do not worry, the value of silver is quite strong.

what's the different?
by holding silver or gold, your money are more valuable. it can be your best investment, just like other investment.

my advice
if you want to plan your finances, other than invest  your money to the company, buying t-bills, stocks, etc., hold and save the gold and silver in addition to your notes. to Muslims, do not forget to pay  zakat. . in the case of gold and silver, just in a year, pay your zakat.
so. Thank you.

if there is knowledge to be shared, let's share here.

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